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Can i use my google adsense account for multiple domain?

The answer is yes but after some security reason, you have to take approval from google of that website where you want to add your add.

Please follow the steps to add your website in google adsense

Login into your google adsense account with your google email and password

You can see the button called Sites, please click on that.
Now you can see a button Add Site

Now click on the add site button, it will ask you to enter website URL where you want to show ad. Just enter your website URL in the popup

Now click on Next button, it will give you some code, which you need to put in your website before </head> tag for all of your page

After added the above code in to your website, just click on the submit button. It will check that you put the code successfully on correct place or not.

After click on submit button you will you are done. And you will get a message from google that it will be done with in 24 hr something like following